Wood Fence

Homeowners like privacy and safety, and wood fences offer that and a whole lot more. With different types of styles and layouts you can customize the look of your fence to meet the needs of any home.

Why a Wood Fence?

Because wood fences can be easily customized to create character. They are a popular option for homeowners looking to create a special environment. There are a number of things to think about when you are choosing to install a wood fence and here are a few of them.

Wood Fence Options

Cedar Privacy Fence

Cedar Picket Fence

Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

With trends going towards earth-friendly products, customers are enjoying wood fences because they are more natural and the new preservatives are friendlier to the environment. Because the cost of wood is less than iron, aluminum, or steel of the other fence types, homeowners are turning to wooden fence options more often. A properly cared for wood fence can last anywhere from 25 years to an entire lifetime! Ask us how to care for your fence.

Easy to Stain and Blends Well Anywhere

Wood fencing allows you to change color whenever you choose to. Stains and sealers will not only change the look of your fence, but they can also add extra protection to the wood to allow it to last longer. Since wood fences blend well with the environment, they work well anywhere you need a fence. Residential settings, commercial properties, or even schools can use wood fencing to enhance their surroundings while simultaneously creating privacy and safety.

Reliable Wood Fence Installation Company

Ideal Fence of Madison is well respected in the community and we have valued customers who continue to use our services. When you need a quality fence installed by professionals, contact us and we will have your fence installed as soon as you are ready.